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carnival_esque in castoflove


Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas! It's going to be here soon!

*dances and wobbles around like a strawberry jelly*

Vicks is incredibly excited about Christmas parties - she hasn't been invited to any, but she's under the delusion that the invitations will flood the mailbox soon - and if the invitations don't turn up, she still might go to the clubs anyway for parties. And she sure is procrastinating on drawing her Christmas cards and sending them out. Kirsten simply seems to be writing her ever-expanding Christmas list and Christmas plans, which include drinking - in moderation, she clearly specifies; She can never forget the time where we weaseled out of her when she was drunk, her fondness for Damian which she intended to keep a life secret - buying gifts, sending out cards, and hanging the mistletoe in certain places. "Testing only! Testing! I'm just marking out the points where I've to hang it on the day itself!" I had to prevent her and nearly manhandle her from hanging the mistletoe on the ceiling in a straight line all the way to the punch. With the knowledge of course that Damian and the others would head straight for the punch if there ever was a party.

Unfortunately, Vicki was hanging around the dorm and egging Kirsten on and even contributing by hanging mistletoe all over the place. And of course, it certainly didn't help that Khine was also hovering around, egging Kirsten in moderation, if moderation actually means screaming "Here! Here! You missed a spot!" The activity and mayhem was fortunately prevented by Damian's arrival (he comes very often, trust me), and the ladder, and numerous mistletoe sprigs were stashed away, while Kirsten smoothed herself down, Khine checked the line of mistletoes, and Vicki leaned against the wall rather coolly to witness the kissing scenes that would occur soon enough.

And I didn't notice of course, that sneaky Khine actually called Eric over the next second. And while Kirsten was manoeuvering Damian rather strategically to her bookshelf, claiming "You HAVE to see this darling! Oh, look! Mistletoe!", as if mistletoe was a new invention and a phenomenon to have it found practically growing on the ceiling, Eric actually did pop by, and the other sneaky one, Vicki pushed me towards the door and at a spot where I did not know had a mistletoe hanging over it. And of course, all present (except Eric and I) insisted that I could not break the tradition.

"Isn't it only testing? And marking out the spots?" I shot a look at Kirsten who immediately shouted in answer, "Yes of course! It's testing! That's why you guys have to kiss to test... to test it!" "Yes, yes!" The rest chimed in enthusiastically and rather too quickly.

And so... it would be less difficult if there weren't four pairs of eyes glued on us, and an additional pair as Christian had appeared quietly at the door.


With the knowledge of course that Damian and the others would head straight for the punch if there ever was a party.

And wouldn't I be following behind him taking down mistletoe so I wouldn't have to kiss anyone else. Or, HEAVEN FORBID, he got caught under mistletoe with another girl. I'd knock her teeth out.

It would also be quite disturbing if Damian got caught under the mistletoe with Eric. Though I'd be standing by with camera ready to take a photo of Bel's expression.
Cast of Love

December 2006

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